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User Guide Introduction

Welcome to the PLAYINGA user guide!

Tracking your sports performance, managing your team or organizing a tournament is no longer going to take away the sporting fun. PLAYINGA, the team and tournament management software is here to lighten your load and enable you to do much more as a player or an organizer.

All you require is a PLAYINGA profile as a start for a breakthrough player experience. We have a friendly & intuitive interface in place to ensure you can organize tournaments, enter your scores, track your performances, stay connected with friends, schedule matches, form teams and so much more. Rest assured, the PLAYINGA app is also here to help you do all this with the tap of a button with right from the field.

Through this user guide, we aim to help you set up your profile and take you on a tour of the PLAYINGA basics. Along the way, we will familiarise all of PLAYINGA’s features and these resources will help you make the most of PLAYINGA. Roll up your sleeves! We’re about to get started!