For Cricket Tournament Organizers

All In One Cricket Tournament Software.

With PLAYINGA you can accept online entries, manage and schedule draws, communicate easily with participants, recognise sponsors and provide comprehensive reporting on all aspects of your event.

The tournament platform has been used by small tournaments at a single venue, through to international events with thousands of participants across a dozen venues. All you’ll need to run your tournament is a modern web browser.

Cricket Tournament Lifecycle

From Start To Finish - Everything You Need To Run Your Cricket Tournament.

  • Cricket Tournament Website

    Tournament Microsite keeps participants informed while they are away from the field, and lets you manage your tournament, all in one place.

    Customize registration forms & collect payment

    Build a registration process that’s tailor-made for your tournament and generate easy-to-use forms

    Collect registration fees securely using our integrated payment gateway, which will be directly transferred to your account.

  • Free Cricket Tournament WebsiteOnline Cricket Tournament RegistrationOnline Cricket Tournament Brackets Generator (Free Cricket Tournament Schedule Maker) And Online Cricket Fixture GeneratorCricket Tournament Results And Cricket Standings
  • Auto Schedule fixtures and brackets

    With our automatic fixture generation features, you can now organize tournaments of any size for Brackets, Round Robin and Groups+ Play offs formats with unmatched simplicity.

    For on the spot registrations and other formats you can use our custom fixtures format.

    Scoring, standings & statistics

    Capture each game with a comprehensive scorecard with room for every detail.

    The standings of your tournament and the statistics of every player get automatically updated instantly.

Online Cricket Scoring

Capture Cricket Match Scores and Let PLAYINGA Derive The Statistics.

Cricket Scorecard

Score your match right from the field and automatically publish them on PLAYINGA. A lucid design and easy interface that makes scoring on the go possible with room to capture every detail of the match.

PLAYINGA’s built in scoring engine enforces sports specific scoring rules thereby preventing scoring errors. Be it any sport, score with PLAYINGA.

Setup Practice And Standalone Cricket Matches.

Play and track unlimited individual practice or informal matches with friends. Record scores and keep track of performance like professional matches.

For Cricket Teams

The Easiest Way To Manage Your Cricket Team

With PLAYINGA stay organized with player roster, team roles and team finances. Manage every aspect of your cricket team in a single place.

Stay competitive by being more collaborative and communicate better within your team with PLAYINGA.

Free Cricket Team Page

Cricket Software Features

Collaborate. Communicate. Celebrate.

Our Cricket Sports Team Management Software helps your team huddle up at any time anywhere.

Free Cricket Team WebsiteManage Cricket Team Roster OnlineCricket Team StatisticsCricket Team Registration And Online PaymentsManage Cricket Match Schedule
  • Cricket Team Website

    Customize your team page to make it truly yours - Your Team Logo, Your Team Branding, Your Team Website.

  • Manage Player Roster & Roles

    Add players to your team through a simple search or by accepting applications from players.

  • Everything You Need To Analyze & Track In Your Cricket Team

    Every win, Every loss, All the stats, automatically logged and displayed after every game.

  • Customize Player Registration Form & Collect Payment

    Build a registration process that’s tailor-made for your team and generate easy-to-use forms.

  • What's On, At A Glance.

    All team players get access to the team schedule and are automatically notified of last-minute changes in schedule.

For cricket Players

Your Cricket Network

Cricket Schedule Maker, Cricket Brackets Generator, Score Cricket Matches and Track Your Cricket Performance.

Find People At Your Skill Level To Play Cricket With

Looking for someone to play cricket with? PLAYINGA helps you find players by skill level so you’ll always have a better game with them.

Discover what your friends are playing this weekend and join them. You can also follow sports people in Rovo that inspires you to get stronger and more active.

Player Statistics

Bring Your Cricket Game To The Next Level

Cricket Schedule Maker, Cricket Brackets Generator, Score Cricket Matches and Track Your Cricket Performance.

Cricket Player Statistics

Exhibit Your Caliber

Showcase your abilities and let the world know the player you are, through your very own Player page that talks of your milestones and achievements.

Form Analyzer Report

With PLAYINGA, you get to see your aggregate performance over time across multiple sports that reflects your current form.

In-Depth Player Stats

Exceptional performance tracking ability with in-depth game specific statistics is just what you need to advance your sporting journey.

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Features of PLAYINGA cricket Tournament Software


Let the spirit of your tournament last longer through text and media feeds from players, teams and fans of your tournament from the field.


One tournament can have multiple sports and multiple divisions (Eg. U19, Mens Singles), thereby allowing you to organize championships.


Add fixed seed numbers to players who may pass over the first round(s).


Schedule tournament matches across multiple venues. Matches gets scheduled based on availability of slots on those venues.


Players automatically flow through to the next round when they have won their match, no need for manual activities.


Sports specific statistics gets aggregated division wise and tournament wise.


You can add custom sport specific standing points like Net Run Rate, Fair Play Points etc and enter values in each match.


Give your tournament sponsors the importance they need. Manage multiple sponsors across various categories.


PLAYINGA specifically informs the participant players & teams of the tournament progress and schedule changes.


Delegate tournament management responsibilities in the most granular ways to your organizing team.

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