Zero Set-Up Fees. Zero Hidden Costs.

You can use all features in PLAYINGA for FREE!

The only time you will see a fee is when you organize a paid tournament or participate in a paid tournament and, collect registration fee online. We don't charge anything for offline transactions.

Fantastic 5 Pricing

Affordable, Transparent & Flat Pricing

For a Player, we charge 5% per transaction as convenience fee when you make online payments for paid tournaments.

Power of 5 Pricing

For a Tournament Organizer, we charge 5% of registration fee collected as convenience charges.  No charges for Free Tournaments.

Charges are inclusive of Payment Gateway charges, Taxes, and Internet Convenience Fee. No Hidden Costs.


  • As a Tournament Organizer, how and when do I pay PLAYINGA?

You have set up a Tournament with a registration fee of $100. When participants register, PLAYINGA will deduct 5% of $100 which is $5 and deposit the remaining $95 to your bank account when you finalize participants.

  • As a Tournament Organizer, why do I have to pay 5% convenience fee to PLAYINGA?

We have a transaction cost to bear when we transfer payments online such as costs for using payment gateways and taxes.

Also, PLAYINGA offers end-to-end solutions to manage your tournament. Features include:

  • Dedicated Tournament Page with branding
  • Feature to promote your Tournament on social media platforms
  • Manage player registrations
  • Ability to collect registration fees online with ease
  • Tournament scheduling & Managing fixtures such as Round Robin, Knock Out & Group + Playoffs
  • Schedule, Score Tournament Matches, and Publish Results.

To know more about the features offered, please visit our Tournaments Features page.

  • As a tournament organizer, when will the registration fees be remitted to my account? 

All payments made by players /teams will be consolidated and remitted to the tournament organizer within 5 business days from the date when the organizer finalizes the participants.

  • Will PLAYINGA charge convenience fees if I organize a free tournament? 

We love sports as you do. In the spirit of the game, we don't charge you anything for a free tournament. It's literally free. Also, you will get the same features as a paid tournament.

  • As a Player, how much will I pay PLAYINGA for a paid tournament registration?

Say, the registration fee for a tournament is $100. When you register you will be charged $100 for the tournament + 5% as convenience charges. Hence, you will be charged $105 when you make the payment.

  • As a player, why do I have to pay 5% convenience fee for a paid tournament registration?

When we make online transactions we incur charges for using payment gateway + taxes + convenience fees. These costs roughly add up to 5%. 

  • What if I want to cancel my registration or the tournament is cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. Will I get a refund?

PLAYINGA only manages online registrations for a paid tournaments. For cancellations & refunds, you need to contact the tournament organizer directly. PLAYINGA does not manage cancellations or refunds.

  • How do I reach out to PLAYINGA for queries?

We are happy to assist you with any queries you may have. You can drop a note in the Contact Us section or send us an email to [email protected]