Customized Team Page

Your Team's Identity

Customize your team page to make it truly ‘yours’ - from colours to styling to sponsors.

Team Microsite keeps players and fans informed while they are away from the field.

Collaborate, Communicate and Celebrate!

Team Website

Team Roster Management

Simplified Player Management

Add players to your team through a simple search or by accepting applications from players.

Say goodbye to manual entry and hello to automation as players self-register.

Manage roles, key responsibilities and jersey number for players in your team with just the tap of a button!

Team Roster Management

Team Schedule

What's On, At A Glance.

What's on this weekend, or over the next week? Need to find a particular event? No worries - PLAYINGA has you covered. It's never been easier or quicker to manage your schedule.

All team players get access to the team schedule and are automatically notified of last-minute changes in schedule or venue to avoid surprises and get notified when match results are published.

Team Calendar

Team Statistics

Everything You Need For How Your Team Works!

Everything you need to analyse how your team works.

Strategize your upcoming matches better by using team specific statistics that reveal your team’s journey and player contributions.

Motivate and inspire your team with team and player statistics.

Every win, Every loss, All the stats, automatically logged and displayed after every game.

Team Statistics

Online Payment Processing

The Easiest Way To Collect and Pay

Collect registration fees to join your team and raise invoices for expenses made on behalf of the team.

PLAYINGA conveniently summarizes the progress of your collections and directs your attention to the important stuff. Instantly know which payments and players need your attention.

Offer your players a more convenient and secure way to pay with online payment processing.

Stripe Icon
Online Payments For Teams

Manage Invoices

Manage Team Invoices

PLAYINGA takes the stress out of team finances so you can keep your eye on the ball.

No more jumping between your email, roster, and bank account, because it's all here in one place.

Team Finances


When You Can Organize Your Sports Events, Why Not It's Memories?

Create albums and store photographic memories

Let PLAYINGA auto-organize your photo albums by games and matches you play.

Tag players and friends to share these memories.

Team Gallery


Take The Best Of PLAYINGA Onto Your Site

Embed Playinga components in your wesbite.

Compatilbe with any CMS like Wordpress, Joomla etc. or on your own website. PLAYINGA templates adapts to your website styling and works seamlessly.

NO CODING REQUIRED - Just Copy & Paste!

Team Widgets

Fan Management

Engage Team’s Fans

Utilize your team's visibility in PLAYINGA to build a fan following.

Your match schedule, results and success stories are shared with your fans so they can cheer your team!

Team Fan Engagement
Other Features

Features of PLAYINGA Team Management Software


Give your team a dedicated space for internal communication to have every member in the loop while discussing key ideas and to boost player morale.


Give your every team in PLAYINGA the flexibility to play any sport and to get involved in multiple sports based on shared interests.


Notify players and team members of important match and roster updates through email.


Delegate team management responsibilities in the most granular ways to your team members.


Give your team sponsors the importance they need. Manage multiple sponsors across various categories


Notifications for all the important stuff – from game schedule changes to payments to messagesand more.


Keep a tab on all payments. Send payment reminders to your team players.


Export player roster, team match schedule and financial transactions to a spreadsheet.


Manage Your Sports Team For Free

Our free premium version boasts everything your team needs to stay on top of things with all the advanced features.

Multi Sport Teams

(One team for multiple sports)

Manage Player Roster
Team Match Schedule and Results
Track Team and Player Statistics
Premium Team Branding

(Team Branding - Color, Logo, Banner)

Assign Roles and Permissions To Team Players
Photo Gallery
Manage Team Finances

(Collect Online Payments. Keep Track of Income & Expenses)

Manage Team Sponsors
Fan Management

Ready To Rock As A Team!