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  • Track Statistics

Your Sports Identity

Your Identity To Endless Sports Possibilities

Your PLAYINGA profile puts you at the center of the sports universe. Lets you apply to tournaments in seconds, helps you build your sports community & auto updates your performance statistics after every match you play. It's your sports life packaged on your dedicated page.

Sports ProfileSports Profile

Discover Sports Activites

We Help You Find Your Next Game

Find & join various sports activities with one PLAYINGA account. From PLAYINGA you can,

  • Find Tournaments & Leagues To Play In

  • Join Teams To Play For

  • Challenge Other Players For Matches & Practice Games

Grow Your Network

Your Social Network For Sports

Locate your friends on PLAYINGA easily and network with like minded players to play more and converse sport.
Celebrations are meant to be broadcasted - share your achievements on our Feeds.

  • Share your achievements

    Let the world of sports notice of your achievements with our in-built performance tracker - exclusively built for every sport you play.

  • Post videos & images

    Share happy memories, live match pictures and videos on your gallery. Memories restored!

  • Seek comments, opinions & discuss more

    Post a quesiton or start a discussion on your feeds. Seek and share opinions about your event or performace from other players.

  • Run a poll

    Isn't it fun to run a predictor poll? Post a poll while a match is being played to know what fans think of.

Never miss an update from your sports community with our activity feed.

Sports NetworkSports Network


Keep Track Of Your Performance Like Professionals Do

Exhibit Your Caliber

Showcase your abilities and let the world know the player you are, through your PLAYINGA profile that talks of your milestones and achievements.

Form Analyzer Report

With PLAYINGA, you get to see your aggregated performance over time across multiple sports that reflects your current form.

In-Depth Player Stats

Exceptional performance tracking ability with in-depth game specific statistics is just what you need to advance your sporting journey.

Player StatisticsPlayer Statistics
Other Features

Features of PLAYINGA Player Management Software

Activity feed

Give your dedicated space for internal communication with you friends and get updates from teams and tournaments you are part of.

Match updates

Email notifications get shared on every update for a match including match schedule, updates and match results.

multi sport support

Players can have multiple sports associated to their profile. Performance are tracked at evert sport level.

Next match widget

Dont waste time on searching for upcoming matches. PLAYINGA highlights the upcoming matches of you.


Sports specific statistics gets aggregated with every match & every tournament you play in.

Alerts & notifications

Notifications for all the important stuff – from game schedule changes to payments to messages and more.

Payment tracking

Keep a tab on all payments and review your orders.

Let's Get You Playing!