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5 Key Elements For An Effective Tournament Poster Design

Designing a poster for your tournament is the key to attracting participants. As a designer, there are some key elements for an effective tournament poster design. The quality of design, information and information placements decides how attractive your poster looks thereby grabbing more eye attention.

Knowing whom you are targeting is the first critical piece of information for your poster. Once you have figured that out, then it becomes easy to design your poster because the emotion of your audience is understood and this decides the colour, font and patterns which should go well with the information.

Here is our take on 5 key design elements to consider while designing your tournament poster.

1: Use the right colour 

“Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”. Use the right colour formats for your tournament. The sport played in that tournament can be an influential factor while deciding on the colour. For example, having a grass green background for a swimming tournament will probably be a wrong choice of colours. Use right colours, elicit attraction.

Golf Tournament Poster 

Created by Maisie from Canva


2: Choose the right font

The font for your poster conveys the energy of your tournament. If you want to show seriousness, then have a bold sans-serif font, express playfulness with a handwritten font. When you are choosing a font, you need to actually choose two – one for the title of your tournament and another for the content.

VollleyBall Poster Design

Created by Reychelle Ann Ignacio from Canva


3: Don’t fill up with too much of text

Filling up your poster with too much of text will be counter-productive. You just to display the right set of information required for the participants – Name, Venue, Dates, Format, Rules, Prizes and Registration Fee. If you are able to cover all these 5 pieces of information in a nice presentable format, you are good to go.

Also, you need to display your sponsors – place their logo at the bottom of your poster to reaffirm the seriousness of this tournament. If your tournament is sponsored by big corporates or clubs, then it reaffirms to the participant that this tournament is no joke.

Badminton Tournament Poster Design

Created by Reychelle Ann Ignacio from Canva


4: Use simple shapes & ensure elements flow together

Shapes guide the reader’s eye to look around the poster. A shape can be a text or a composition of texts which will guide the reader in a particular direction. User shapes a guide rails. 

When using shapes, lines, text and images, ensure they all flow together. The need to be elegant and free-flowing which will be really effective.

Chess Tournament Poster Design

Created by Reychelle Ann Ignacio from Canva


5: Know Thy Audience

Remember, an effective design is effective only when it’s addressed to the right audience. Make sure the design, colour, text, and shapes align well with their behavioural patterns.  In the below poster, though Basketball isn’t explicitly mentioned, all basketball players who read this poster will know it.

Basketball Tournament Poster

Created by Lut Toribio from Canva


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