Whom it is meant for?

PLAYINGA is meant for any sports enthusiast, fluidly designed to enhance the sporting experience of every player’s and team’s demands of each game. PLAYINGA simplifies the way matches or tournaments are organized, tracked and captures the excitement of every match or a tournament as it happens in real time. 

For Players

PLAYINGA helps you do a lot as a Player. As a player, you can:

  • Manage your dedicated player profile that talks about your recent form including stats.
  • Connect with your friends and post an open challenge for a match with any of them.
  • Share your awesome moments on feeds with friends and fans through photos and posts.
  • Follow your favourite player, teams or matches and never miss an update.
  • Create and manage teams and schedule matches and tournaments in a jiffy.

For Teams

Managing a team never got easier. Being a player is all you require to create and lead your own team on PLAYINGA. With PLAYINGA you can:

  • Create a team for one or more sports you play and include your friends to be a part of it.
  • Brand your team to reflect your style through a highly customizable team page. 
  • Engage in a virtual huddle with teammates any time.
  • Assign roles for every player in your team.
  • Schedule team matches or apply to participate in open matches/tournaments.
  • Maintain team stats and track your team’s performance with real-time dashboard and statistics aggregated from every game.


Every match has its impact. Every match has its importance in PLAYINGA. With PLAYINGA you can:

  • Schedule individual matches with friends or organize team matches from your player page.
  • Post an open challenge for a match which any of your friends can choose to accept.
  • Experience comprehensive match management from your dedicated match page.
  • Engage followers and match participants through text and media feed.
  • Score matches for a number of sports in any format with unmatched simplicity.
  • Publish match results and automatically inform participant players, teams and followers involved.


Tournaments are no longer complicated. Simplify the way you organize and run a tournament with PLAYINGA.

  • Put up your tournament using a dedicated tournament page that captures every detail of the tournament from start to finish.
  • Invite your friends or teams you know on PLAYINGA to participate in your tournament. With our new On-the-spot registration feature, you can now register participants in your tournament without having them register on PLAYINGA.
  • Allow registrations from participants including individual players, player partners and teams intuitively depending on tournament type.
  • Collect tournament registration fee online for your tournaments from participants.
  • Generate fixtures for any tournament type, be it Knock-out, Round robin or Group+ playoffs and automatically inform every player or team of the upcoming matches.
  • Keep the spirit of the tournament alive through feeds for players, teams and fans of your tournament.
  • Manage tournament matches conveniently with a dedicated match page for every fixture created by PLAYINGA automatically.
  • Update tournament match results right from the sporting field and view participant standings reflect changes dynamically.
  • Keep participant teams, players and fans informed of match endings and tournament results as you publish them.