PLAYINGA is a comprehensive digital sports platform that gives you the ability to maintain your sports profile, build your sports network, create sporting teams, organize matches and tournaments for a variety of sports.

The PLAYINGA advantage for a Player:

  • Every logged-in user is a player in PLAYINGA. A Player empowered with whatever it takes to record and track performances like a pro.
  • Every player can schedule matches with friends as well as post open match challenges that any of his/her friends can choose to accept.
  • Every player is automatically notified of upcoming matches as the calendar of the player gets dynamically populated with significant match dates, as and when the player schedules a match.
  • Every Player can follow his/her favourite players/teams/tournaments and spark conversations with other sports enthusiasts in the respective pages.

The PLAYINGA advantage for a Team Administrator:

  • Every player can create one or more teams with his/her network for one or more sports and manage every aspect of the team such as player roster, assigning player roles, maintaining team’s calendar and team stats right from the team page.
  • Like every player, a team also experiences exceptional performance tracking capabilities and game-specific analytics that help advance along the sporting journey.
  • Like every player, a team administrator can schedule matches as well as post open match challenges. Team administrator is automatically notified of upcoming matches as the calendar of the team gets dynamically populated with significant match dates.

The PLAYINGA Tournament Software advantage for a Tournament Organizer:

  • Tournaments with Knock-out, Round robin or Group+ play-offs formats can be organized easily and automatically generate fixtures.
  • Multiple streams such as Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles can be managed within a single tournament with the same simplicity.
  • Shortlist and scrutinize applications from players/teams for the tournament with a straight-forward interface.
  • Manage on-the-spot registrations for unregistered participants.
  • Collect tournament registration fee online.
  • Track using a dedicated and highly customizable page that keeps all the stakeholders including participants, teams and fans informed.
  • Every match can be scored on the go with a dedicated scorer app that supports detailed sport specific scoring for a number of sports.

Above all PLAYINGA complements the sporting experience of every player by taking it to the next level!