3. For Teams

Search & Apply for Tournaments as a Team

Tournaments are public pages which can be accessed by everyone. You can directly access the tournament URL, even when you are not logged in PLAYINGA. The public URLs could be shared with participants over emails, on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter or could have been sent to you directly by the organizer. […]

Claim Team and Team Player Profile

PLAYINGA offers a feature for Non-Playinga users to claim their PLAYINGA profile page after a tournament is played. There can be instances where players and teams would have to register for a tournament on the spot without a PLAYINGA profile. In such instances, the tournament organizer can capture your details on PLAYINGA and continue with […]

Fan Management

Every team you create on Playinga can have its own fan base, which means any player can choose to follow any of your teams. However as an admin of your team, you can choose to block any of your team’s fan from following your team, should the need for it arise. The steps to block […]

Team Matches Schedules

Every time you schedule a team match or choose to participate in a match or tournament, your team’s calendar gets automatically populated with the match dates so when you or any of your team’s players signs in, the player will be reminded by Playinga of the next match and other upcoming matches for the team. […]

Team Statistics

PLAYINGA offers sport-specific team statistics. After each match, PLAYINGA tracks the scores for each player in a team as well as team’s performance as a whole and records it. With the inbuilt feature, teams can now track their performance over time and use it to their advantage. The Statistics tab is public and shall be […]

Edit Team Information

To Edit Team Information Step 1: Click the Teams tab in the top of your profile page and from the drop-down that appears click on the team of interest to go to the team’s page whose information you wish to edit.  OR Click the Teams sub-tab in the top middle of your profile page. A list of […]

Retiring a Player

Sometimes you may want to abstain a specific player in your team from participation in future matches/tournament. In that case, you may choose to retire a player from your team in PLAYINGA. To retire a player from your team, the steps are below Step 1: In the top of your profile page hit the Team […]

Team Feeds

For every team you create on PLAYINGA, you can create team feeds to inform players or engage fans through text or media clips. Team Feeds you create will appear on your team wall as well as in the timelines of the players in your team including yourself and those fans who follow your team. The […]

Accepting Enrollment to Teams

Teams on PLAYINGA are searchable and hence any player can apply to enrol in your team(enrol teams). Apart from selecting players among your friends and adding them to your team, accepting enrollments from players is one other way to add players to your team. You can decide on enrollments by the following ways Decide on […]

Manage Players, Assign Roles & Jersey Numbers

By default every Player enrolled within a team is assigned the Player’s role and the player who creates the team is assigned the Captain’s role with the ability to accept/reject participation in matches on behalf of the team and set jersey number. The Captain of the team can modify the Jersey Number of players, assign […]

Inviting Players to a Team

Once you create a team on PLAYINGA, you could add players to it directly by sending invites (invite players) to join the team as well as accept enrollments from players who wish to join your team. To add players to your team by sending invites, the steps are below Step 1: Navigate to your team’s […]

Create a Team

Step 1: Log in to your PLAYINGA account Step 2: In the top of your profile page click the Teams tab and from the drop down that says tap to create a team, tap the Create team button to create a new team. OR Click the Teams subtab which appears along with other sub-tabs such as […]