2. For Players

Claim your Player Profile

PLAYINGA offers a feature for Non-Playinga users to claim their PLAYINGA profile page after a tournament is played. There can be instances where players would have to register for a tournament on the spot without a PLAYINGA profile. In such instances, the tournament organizer can capture your details on PLAYINGA and continue with scoring. You […]

Forgot Password

If you forgot your login password, Forgot Password feature will help you get back access to your account. As a PLAYINGA user, you can reset your login password if you have used your email address for registering your account in PLAYINGA. If you had used Facebook login, you don’t have to re-set your PLAYINGA password.  […]

Apply and Participate in a Tournament

Tournaments are public pages which can be accessed by everyone. You can directly access the tournament URL, even when you are not logged in PLAYINGA. The public URLs could be shared with participants over emails, on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter or could have been sent to you directly by the organizer. […]

Joining a Team

Joining a team (join a team) enables you to play in the matches the team plays or the tournament the team participates in and be a part of the team conversation. Note: In order to join a team, you should have your profile configured in at least one sport, the team plays. You can join […]

Following a Team

In order to keep track of the updates from a team, you can follow a team.  Note: Players of a team are automatically informed of team updates. Hence if you are already a player in a team you will not have the ability to follow the team. And if you become a player of the […]

Managing your schedule

Managing your player schedule (Manage Schedule) is easy with PLAYINGA, for every time you schedule a match or choose to participate in a match or tournament, your PLAYINGA calendar gets automatically populated with list of matches & dates, so the next time you open your profile page, you will be intuitively reminded by PLAYINGA of […]

Player Statistics

PLAYINGA offers sport-specific player statistics. After each match, be it an individual or a team sport, PLAYINGA tracks the scores for each player and records it for each player. With the inbuilt feature, players can now track their performance over time and use it to their advantage. The Statistics tab is public and shall be […]

How to Search

With PLAYINGA’s search feature, you can easily locate pages of friends, people you know or iconic players who are on PLAYINGA. Even pages of teams, matches and tournaments are just a few keywords and a click away. Here is how to use PLAYINGA’s powerful search feature: Step 1: Log in to your PLAYINGA account. Step 2: […]

Logging In to PLAYINGA

As a PLAYINGA user, you can log in to your account in two ways. You can either log in using your Facebook account or your email address, depending on which of these were provided by you at the time of registration. Step 1: On PLAYINGA’s home page click the LOGIN button.   Step 2: If you […]

Profile Settings

You can edit your player profile settings any time later, once your profile has been created, to reflect new preferences. Your name, short name, jersey number, date of birth, nationality and your location can be changed from the same page. The steps to edit your player profile settings are below: Step 1: In your profile […]

Add Friends

Adding friends on PLAYINGA is a simple way to maximize your chances of playing and sharing your special sporting moments ( Add Friends). All your posts on your timeline and scheduled match feed get shared with your friends in their feeds. Also while participating in any Doubles format game, you can only choose one of your friends […]


Feeds are a stream of updates/posts that appear on your profile page. They help you stay informed on what’s happening with your friends, your teams, your matches and your tournaments within Playinga. Feed Posts are of two types User Created:- These are updates/posts created by any Player. e.g Any image posted & shared by a […]