1. Getting Started

Signing Up into PLAYINGA

Step 1: On PLAYINGA’s home page click the REGISTER button.   Step 2:  Enter your EMAIL ADDRESS, PASSWORD, CONFIRM PASSWORD and click on SIGN UP.   Note: If you register using an email address you can either login with it or through your Facebook account that uses the same email address. OR If you wish to register through Facebook, click on […]

Logging In to PLAYINGA

As a PLAYINGA user, you can log in to your account in two ways. You can either log in using your Facebook account or your email address, depending on which of these were provided by you at the time of registration. Step 1: On PLAYINGA’s home page click the LOGIN button.   Step 2: If you […]


Who is a Player? Every sports enthusiast is a player. Every logged in user in PLAYINGA is a Player. Who is a Friend? A friend in PLAYINGA is a known person to a player. You can have many players whom you know. You can connect with them as Friends. Who is a Fan? Fans in PLAYINGA are […]

Whom it is meant for?

PLAYINGA is meant for any sports enthusiast, fluidly designed to enhance the sporting experience of every player’s and team’s demands of each game. PLAYINGA simplifies the way matches or tournaments are organized, tracked and captures the excitement of every match or a tournament as it happens in real time.  For Players PLAYINGA helps you do a lot as a Player. As […]


PLAYINGA is a comprehensive digital sports platform that gives you the ability to maintain your sports profile, build your sports network, create sporting teams, organize matches and tournaments for a variety of sports. The PLAYINGA advantage for a Player: Every logged-in user is a player in PLAYINGA. A Player empowered with whatever it takes to record and […]