Tournament Progression

Once the tournament fixtures are generated, a match page gets created for each fixture. Only the tournament administrator can enter the scores for each match fixture. As the tournament progress and as the tournament administrator enters the scores of each match in the tournament, points are allocated to each player/team. The points are automatically tabulated on the Standings page.

The following are the steps to track Tournament Progression:

Step 1: Click on the Fixtures/Results sub-tab that appears in the top middle of the tournament page. A list of matches scheduled in that tournament appears.

Step 2: Hover your mouse pointer on any particular match. In case you are the tournament administrator, you shall see two options – Edit date & time and Enter Score.

Step 3: To change the match parameters for a match in a tournament, click on Edit date & time. Enter the new Date/Time, Venue, Player(or team). Upon changing click on Ok to confirm or Cancel to reject changes made.

Step 4: To enter the match results, click on Enter Score

On clicking Enter Score, you shall be navigated to the scorecard page of the match where the administrator can enter and publish the match results for that sport. Please refer to the SCORING & SCORECARD  section to enter the scores for each sport.

Step 5: Once the scores are recorded and published for each match, they automatically reflect on the Tournament page. On the Tournament page, click on Fixtures/Results sub-tab to know the winner of each match. Also, click on Standings sub-tab to know the points scored by each team (or player) as the tournament progresses.