How to Search

With PLAYINGA’s search feature, you can easily locate pages of friends, people you know or iconic players who are on PLAYINGA. Even pages of teams, matches and tournaments are just a few keywords and a click away.

Here is how to use PLAYINGA’s powerful search feature:

Step 1: Log in to your PLAYINGA account.

Step 2: In the Search box that appears near the top right end of your profile page, enter the relevant keywords. A list of players, teams and tournaments containing the keywords will be returned along with thumbnail images that have been used by them for their representation.

Step 3: You can also add filters such as All, Player, Team or Tournament to refine your search results. Also, you can further narrow down your results by location by typing the city. Select the profile you have been looking for by clicking on the profile name. You will be taken to the corresponding profile of the player, team, match or tournament where you can know more on any of them depending on your search query.

It does not stop with just knowing. Once you are on the specific profile page you could connect, schedule plays, follow and do a lot more depending on the profile of interest.