Search & Apply for Tournaments as a Team

Tournaments are public pages which can be accessed by everyone. You can directly access the tournament URL, even when you are not logged in PLAYINGA. The public URLs could be shared with participants over emails, on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter or could have been sent to you directly by the organizer. Either way, anyone can access the tournament URL – whether you are a registered in PLAYINGA or not.

We shall split this document into 2 cases – the first case for a registered user in PLAYINGA and second case for a new PLAYINGA user, who doesn’t have an account yet.

Case 1: Existing PLAYINGA users

This guide shall help you from searching for a tournament in PLAYINGA and applying for the same. If you are accessing the tournament page directly, you can skip the search part.

Searching for a Tournament in PLAYINGA:

Tournaments in PLAYINGA are searchable and you as a player or your team can choose to participate in tournaments that accept applications. You can use the Search box at the top of your profile page to search for a tournament of your preference.

The steps to search for a tournament are below:

Step 1: Type the keywords for the tournament in the Search box and press the return key. A list of search results would appear with a brief description of each tournament which includes the name of the tournament with a thumbnail representation, the sport for which the tournament is being organized and the scheduled location.

Step 2: From the search result, click on the name of the preferred tournament. You will be directed to the specific tournament page which has all the relevant tournament details.

Note: You can filter the search results to include only tournaments by checking the box next to Tournament in the left pane of the box. You could also enter your location preference in the box provided. Key in a few characters of the location and select from the drop-down suggestion. If you know a particular organizer, you can directly access the organizer’s page and view the list of tournaments created by that organizer.

Applying for a Tournament in PLAYINGA

Step 3: For tournaments requiring team participation, navigate to the tournament page and click on Participate. A pop-up shall open and the stream will be displayed. For all team-related sports, the stream defaults to General. Click on Apply to this stream.

Team Tournament Participation

Step 4: Choose your team with which you would like to participate in this tournament or create a new team. If you like to apply with an existing team, choose the team and click on Next. If you want to create a new team click on Create New Team where you will be asked to team details and add players to the team.

Select Existing Team

Step 5: Select existing players who would be part of your participating team by clicking on Select. A green tick mark shall be visible for all selected players. If you wish to add a player who was previously not part of this team, you can do so by clicking on Add New Player. Enter the player details and then click on Select. After selecting all the players, click on Next.

Choose Team Player

STEP 4: Capture the team’s participation details such as team short name, captain, branding colour, team organizer’s details and click on Submit to make the payment; if the tournament is a paid tournament. You will be navigated to the payment gateway to from where you can make payments and apply for your tournament.

Details for tournament team participation

Case 2: Unregistered PLAYINGA users

For unregistered users, on click of Participate, they will be asked to log in to PLAYINGA in case they have an ID but not logged in or create a new account. On login, they will apply to the tournament