Scheduling a match

Matches in PLAYINGA are of two types:

  • Closed Matches: Where the opponent of the match is fixed while scheduling the match.
  • Open Challenge: Where the opponent of the match is not known at the time of scheduling the match. 

Listed below are the steps to schedule a closed match.

Step 1: If you wish to schedule a match for your own teams or with your friends in PLAYINGA, click the Matches tab from the top menu of your profile page and from the drop-down that appears click the Schedule match button. Alternatively, click the Schedule Match button in the left pane of your profile page.

Schedule Match


If you wish to schedule the match with a specific opponent/opponent team you know, visit the opponent player’s profile or the team’s page and select the Schedule Match button present in the left pane

           Schedule Match from Opponent Page          OR.         Schedule Match Team

Step 2: A box titled Schedule match appears as a pop-up, seeking match details. Fill in the match details including the name of the match, the game/sport, the proposed date and time along with the match venue.
Note: To schedule a match, you can only choose a sport which is common between you (your team) and the opponent (opponent’s team). In case you and your opponent don’t play any sport in common, you will not be able to schedule the match.

Schedule Match Pop-up

Step 3: Once you choose the sport additional fields to appear based on the sport chosen. If you choose a sport that can be played only as a team, you will be prompted to select one of your teams that you intend for participation in the match. A box titled Select Team appears with the list of your teams. Click on the team of your choice and click the Continue button.

Schedule Match Team Selection

In case you choose doubles/partner format of play for some sport like Badminton, you will be prompted to select one of your friends to partner with. In the Choose Partner field, select any of your friends from the list of friends that appears.
Schedule Match Partner Game

Step 4: For the Choose opponent field, all your friends who play the relevant sport are listed in the opponents field, you can choose any of them as your opponent by clicking on the profile name from the list of friends that appears.

Note: In case you are scheduling a team match from your player profile or any of your own team’s profile, you can also choose any other team, you captain as an opponent team. 

Schedule Match Opponent Player

Note: In case you are scheduling a match against another player or team from their profile page then the player’s or team’s name automatically appears against the Choose Opponent field.  

Step 5: Once you have entered all the fields, tap the Schedule button.
Schedule Match Complete


Accepting Match Invites:

Once you schedule a match, an invite gets sent to your opponent as a notification. The opponent can accept or reject the match invite by three ways

From the notification message that the opponent gets, by clicking the Accept or Reject button.Schedule Match Notification


From the player’s Match listing page by clicking the Matches sub-tab in the top middle of the profile page and when the match details of this pending invite appears along with all upcoming matches, by clicking the Accept or Reject button present next to this match invite.
Match Listing Opponent


From the Match Page by visiting the match page and clicking the Accept or Reject button that appear in the middle of the match page as a pending invite.
Match Page Opponent Accept


Once your opponent approves it, by clicking the Accept button, your match gets scheduled on PLAYINGA with a dedicated match page.
Match Page Badminton

If the match opponent accepts the invite:

  1. The match organizer gets a notification that the opponent has accepted the match invite.
  2. The feeds section of the match gets enabled allowing players and others to interact within the match page. 
  3. The match feed gets shared with the friends/fans of the participant players and teams in the match.
  4. The next match widget in the players’ profile page gets updated showing the details of the next match. 
  5. The match listing page of the opponent reflects the update in match status, as Scheduled.


If the match opponent rejects the invite :

  1. The organizer gets a notification that the opponent has rejected the match invite.
  2. In the match listing page of both participant players, the match will be indicated by a strike off saying that the Opponent has rejected.
  3. Both the users can no longer access the match page.