Retiring a Player

Sometimes you may want to abstain a specific player in your team from participation in future matches/tournament. In that case, you may choose to retire a player from your team in PLAYINGA. To retire a player from your team, the steps are below

Step 1: In the top of your profile page hit the Team icon and from the drop-down click on the team’s name to open the specific team page. Or click the Teams sub-tab which appears along with other sub-tabs such as Feeds, Friends on the profile page and select the team by clicking on the thumbnail of the specific team from the list of teams you have created.

Step 2: Click on the Players sub-tab in the top middle of the team page. The list of players in your team appears along with their profile images and player details including player role, age, gender and the sports they play.

Step 3: Click the pencil-shaped Edit icon in the top right corner of the profile of the player you wish to retire. The specific player profile gets highlighted and now has two editable fields which are the current Jersey number of the player and the role of the player.

Assigning Roles to Players

Step 4: Click the drop-down triangle next to the second field which specifies player roles. From the drop-down that appears with player roles, select the Retire option.

Retire Player

Step 5: Click the OK button to confirm. The player profile gets greyed out and appears with the message Retired on the top of the profile and an Enroll back button that allows you to enrol the player any time later.

Retired Player

Note: By clicking on the player name in the greyed out profile, you can still view the profile of the player whom you have retired.

Once you Retire a player from your team:

  • The player will not be available for selection in the forthcoming team games.
  • The player’s scores and game information in all past games in a team game will continue to exist and will NOT be removed.
  • The player’s profile will no longer be available for selection in a tournament even if the player had enrolled in the tournament from your team.