Publish Tournament Results

The last step for a tournament organizer in the course of a tournament would be to publish the tournament results. Once the administrator enters the scores of the last match in the tournament, PLAYINGA recognizes the winner of the tournament and a pop-up appears seeking confirmation of the winner. On confirmation, the results are published and they appear in each participant player’s feed section. The results also appear as notifications in the feeds section of other players who are following the tournament.

To publish the results of a tournament:

Step 1: Score all the matches in the tournament by clicking on Enter Score link that appears against every individual match in the tournament. This will navigate you to the scorecard page of each match. Record the results of every match played in the Tournament.

Step 2: Once the administrator publishes the results of the last match in the tournament, a pop-up message appears seeking to confirm the Winner of the tournament. Click on Publish button to confirm and publish the tournament results.

Note: Once the Tournament results are published, they cannot be reverted. The results shall appear in the Feeds section of the Players, Organizers and followers of the tournament.