Open Challenge Match

The player who schedules a match can schedule an Open Challenge Match and invite an opponent from his friends or other PLAYINGA members for the challenge. From the list of applicants who accept the challenge, the match organizer can make any one of them as the opponent for the match and play with them. 

This kind of an open challenge is ideally used to broadcast your interest to play among your friends and other PLAYINGA members.

Listed below are the steps to schedule an open match.

Step 1: If you wish to schedule a match for your own teams or with your friends in PLAYINGA, click the Matches tab from the top menu of your profile page and from the drop-down that appears click the Schedule match button. Alternatively, click the Schedule Match button in the left pane of your profile page.

Schedule Match

Step 2: A box titled Schedule match appears as a pop-up, seeking match details. Fill in the match details including the name of the match, the game/sport, the proposed date and time along with the match venue.
Note: To schedule a match, you can only choose a sport which is common between you (your team) and the opponent (opponent’s team). In case you and your opponent don’t play any sport in common, you will not be able to schedule the match.

Schedule Match Pop-up

Step 3: Once you choose the sport, additional fields appear based on the sport chosen. If you choose a sport that can be played only as a team, you will be prompted to select one of your teams that you intend for participation in the match. A box titled Select Team appears with the list of your teams. Click on the team of your choice and click the Continue button.

Schedule Match Team Selection

In case you choose doubles/partner format of play for some sport like Badminton, you will be prompted to select one of your friends to partner with. In the Choose Partner field, select any of your friends from the list of friends that appears.

Schedule Match Partner Game

Step 4:  In the field that says Choose Opponent, leave it to the default selection which is Post as Open Challenge.

Step 5: Once you have entered all the fields, tap the Schedule button.Your open challenge match gets scheduled and the details appear on your timeline as a post. Also, all your friends receive your post for an open challenge which any of them can choose to accept.

Note: In case any of your friends want to take up the challenge but is not comfortable with the proposed date and venue, your friend can express it as a comment to your Open Challenge post, so that you both can engage in a conversation, arrive at a consensus and reschedule the match if needed.

Open Challenge Post


Applying to Open Match Invites:

Step 1: Once you schedule an open match/Challenge, it gets shared as a feed to all your friends to accept. In case an open challenge for a match is posed by your friend and you are interested to accept the challenge as an opponent you can choose to accept the match invite from the feed that gets shared, by clicking the Apply button in it.

Open Challenge Post Before Applying


Alternatively before the opponent is finalized, you can visit the Match’s page on Playinga choose to apply for the challenge by clicking the Apply button in the feed that appears in the middle of the page as shown below or by clicking the Apply Challenge button in the right pane of the page, present under the list of applied challengers.

Open Challenge Match Page Before Applying

Step 2: In case the sport is a team sport you will be prompted to nominate one of your teams for participation. In case the sports format of the match requires you to choose a partner, you can choose to partner with any of your friends.among your friends listed in the pop-up.

On applying successfully, the user receives a confirmation notification at the top of the page and the player/team name appears listed in the Applied Opponents section of the match page. 

Applied Open Challenge

Note: A player can apply only once for an open challenge. If he/she wants to represent another team or apply with another partner he/she has to withdraw the application that was first made and apply again. 

A player can withdraw at any point in time from the match before the match organizer/administrator has finalized the opponent for the match.

Choosing Opponent:

For every applicant in an Open Challenge, as the match organizer/administrator, you will get a notification.

Open Challenge Application Notification

You can view the list of applicants for the open challenge from the match listing page that appears when you click the Matches sub-tab in the top middle of the page and clicking the Choose Opponent button that appears next to the match of interest.

Open Challenge Choosing Opponent

Once you click on the Choose Opponent button next to the match, a list of players who have applied appears. You can choose one of them as the opponent by clicking the Make Opponent button next to the profile information.

Choose Opponent Pop-up



You can directly choose the opponent from the match page from the list of Applied Opponents that appears in the right pane by clicking the Select button next to the particular applicant’s profile information.

Match Page Choose Opponent

Once you choose an applicant as the opponent a notification gets sent to the opponent that he/she is selected as the match opponent, the match gets scheduled and from then, both players can post on the match feeds page. 

The match appears in the match listing page of the opponent as well and as an update in the next match widget of both players in their home pages respectively.