Manage On The Spot Registrations (Non PLAYINGA Users)

PLAYINGA helps tournament organizers capture the player or team’s information on the spot. We have a lot of tournaments where you will have players and teams show up on the spot for registrations. This feature helps tournament organizers manage registrations including performance tracking for on-the-spot registered teams or players.

The following section will guide tournament organizers manage on-the-spot registrations.

Step 1: Navigate to your Tournament page and go to the Participants tab.

Tournament Participant Tab

Step 2: Under each stream, you will see Add Participants button. Click on Add Participants button. A new pop-up shall open – Invite Participants & Add Participants. Invite Participants tab shall contain the list of all players or teams in PLAYINGA. You can select any player or team if they are already existing. 

For on-the-spot registrations choose the Add Participants tab and click on Add Participants.

Tournament Add Participant

Step 3.1: Capture the player’s name, email address, age, payment option – if you had already collected the registration fee on at the spot of registration, upload player profile photo if available and click on Select. A tick mark shall appear near the player’s name and the button text will change to Selected. You can un-select the player by clicking on the Selected button again.

Add Player Pop Up

Note: You can add multiple players by choosing the Add Participant button which will expand the form to include another player. Proceed to step 3.2 only if you want to add a team on the spot.

Step 3.2: If you want to capture the team’s information on the spot, follow steps 1 & 2. Once you click on Add Participant and navigate to the Add Participant tab. Here you shall see a list of team you had created in the past. You can choose to add them if the same team is present or, you can create a new one by clicking on Create New Team.

Add New Team pop-up

Step 3.2.1: Enter the team name and choose branding colour.

Add Team - Name capture

Step 3.2.2: Add players to the team, the same way you added players to the tournament. Please refer to step 1 for details pertaining to player’s information. Kindly note that a minimum of 3 players is required in PLAYINGA to create a team.Once you have added all the players, click on Next to choose the team captain.

Add player to team

Step 3.3.3: Choose the team captain and click on Submit. Note that the team captain shall be the one to claim the team later with all scores and stats intact. 

Choose captain

Step 4: Players/Teams will be successfully added to the Participants tab and you can now finalize the participants and generate fixtures.