Managing your schedule

Managing your player schedule (Manage Schedule) is easy with PLAYINGA, for every time you schedule a match or choose to participate in a match or tournament, your PLAYINGA calendar gets automatically populated with list of matches & dates, so the next time you open your profile page, you will be intuitively reminded by PLAYINGA of your next match and other upcoming matches.

Ways to track your schedule are below:

In your player page, the details of your Next match scheduled using PLAYINGA appear in the right pane with match details including profiles of you and your opponent, a countdown timer that indicates the duration left till the start of the match and the match venue.

Note: If there is more than one upcoming match, the each of the match’s details can be viewed in the same pane by using the left and right scroll arrows in the top right.

Next Match


Go to the Match listing page by clicking the Matches sub-tab in the top middle of the profile page. A list of matches appears which includes past matches and the upcoming matches. In the upcoming matches list, the matches which are yet to be played are displayed along with the match dates, time and player profiles. To know more details about a scheduled match click on the Match name to go to the specific Match page.

Match Listing


Note: Whenever the organizer of a match makes changes to the match date, time or venue the opponent player is notified by PLAYINGA automatically and the change reflects in all the places where the specific match information appears including the Next match section, the corresponding feed as well as in the Match listing page.