Logging In to PLAYINGA

As a PLAYINGA user, you can log in to your account in two ways. You can either log in using your Facebook account or your email address, depending on which of these were provided by you at the time of registration.

Step 1: On PLAYINGA’s home page click the LOGIN button.


Step 2: If you wish to log in using your email account, enter the email address and password you had provided during registration.  Click the LOGIN button.

Note: If you had registered in PLAYINGA through your Facebook account, you cannot use the email address associated with that Facebook account to login directly. 


If you wish to login with your Facebook account click the SIGN IN USING FACEBOOK button on the login page.

In the Facebook page that appears to enter your Facebook credentials. Click the LOGIN button

Note: If you had registered in PLAYINGA using an email address, you can login using that email address or using the Facebook account linked to that email address

Once the login credentials you provide are validated, you will be logged in to your PLAYINGA account.