Joining a Team

Joining a team (join a team) enables you to play in the matches the team plays or the tournament the team participates in and be a part of the team conversation.

Note: In order to join a team, you should have your profile configured in at least one sport, the team plays.

You can join a team by two ways:

By applying to join any team as a player and await administrator’s approval:

Step 1: Go to the team page of the specific team you would like to join in.

Step 2: From the left pane of the Team page click on the Join Team button. The Join team button will now change to the message Request Sent.

Join Team

Note: Once the Team Administrator/Captain accepts your request, you shall be part of the team.

By accepting an invitation from a team’s administrator to join the team

In this scenario, the team administrator/captain should have invited you to join the team.

Step 1: You will receive a Notification to join the team from the team administrator.

Team Invite Notification

Step 2: You can choose to Accept or Reject the team invite from the notification using the Accept or Reject button in the notification message itself.


You can go to the team page and on the left pane of the team page you can click the Accept or Reject button to decide on the invitation.

Step 3: Once you click Accept button you would be enrolled in the team.

Once you join a team:

  • The team appears in the team listing page of your profile.
  • You can Post on the team wall.
  • The team administrator can select you for participation in matches the team plays.
  • The team administrator can select you for participation in tournaments the team plays.
  • You will receive all team-related posts in your feed.
  • You will receive notifications of the matches/tournaments the team plays from PLAYINGA.