Edit Team Information

To Edit Team Information

Step 1: Click the Teams tab in the top of your profile page and from the drop-down that appears click on the team of interest to go to the team’s page whose information you wish to edit. 


Click the Teams sub-tab in the top middle of your profile page. A list of teams you have created appears. Go to your team page by clicking on the team name.

Step 2: Navigate to the Settings page of your team by clicking the Settings sub-tab that appears in the top middle of the team page. The current settings of the team appear.

Step 3: You could enter a new choice for fields including the short name you refer your team to, the jersey colour, the team description, the team’s logo and the team location.

Team Settings

Step 4: Tap the Update Team button at the bottom to save your preferences and for the changes to reflect in your team wall.