Cricket Match

Scoring a cricket match in PLAYINGA is performed through our online scoring app. The app is available on for Android & iOS users.


  1. Create your Cricket Match. To know more about match creation and scheduling, please refer to Schedule Match section of our user guide.
  2. Download the scoring app from your device. Click on the links below to download your app.

iOS Playinga App           Google Play Playinga App


Scoring Your Cricket Match

Step 1: On the scorecard page, retrieve the match pin code. This is the pin code which should be used in the app to start scoring. Only the organizer shall have access to read the pin. However, anyone who has access to the pin can score the cricket match from the app by entering the pin code. Click on View Match Passcode to view the pin.

Cricket Score Pin

Step 2: Pass on this passcode(pin) to the scorer of the match. The scorer should have the App installed on his/her device.

Step 3: Open the match and log in with your credentials. All team members (host & opponent team players) shall have access to the match. 


Step 4: Choose the match and enter your match code. You shall now be able to see the match details. Navigate to the Scorecard tab and start scoring the match.