Create a Team

Step 1: Log in to your PLAYINGA account

Step 2: In the top of your profile page click the Teams tab and from the drop down that says tap to create a team, tap the Create team button to create a new team.

Empty Team Listing Page


Click the Teams subtab which appears along with other sub-tabs such as Feeds, Friends in the top middle of the profile page and tap the Create team button to create a new team.

Empty Team Drop Down

Step 3: In the Create Team box that appears, fill in the required fields. Enter the Team Name, a Short Name for your team and select the Sports the team plays, the team’s Jersey Color and select the team’s location. Also, upload a logo for your team if you have one. To upload your team’s logo, click the arrow next to the field provided for image file and select the image file from your device.
Note: You can only create a team for a sport you play. In case you intend to create a team for a sport you have not added to your profile, we recommend you add that sport to your profile before creating the team.

Create Team Pop-up

Step 4: Tap the Create team button.

Step 5: In the next popup that appears, you can invite players to join your team. You could choose team members from the list of friends that appears. Click the Invite button next to the thumbnail of the Player profile to send individual invites to each of your friends. Alternatively, you can choose to add players to your team at a later point in time by closing the pop-up.
Note: You could only send invites to players who are your friends with.

A dedicated page gets created for your team and the team gets added to the list of teams you manage on PLAYINGA.Empty Team Feeds Page

Step 6: Each player gets added to your team when he/she accepts your team’s invite. The names of the team players appear on the team wall.

Note: To visit a team’s page any time click the Teams tab at the top of the page and click on the team name from the drop-down that appears.


To view the team that you created, from the team listing page, click the Teams sub-tab that appears in the top middle of the profile page and click on the team of interest to go to the specific team page.