Creating a Tournament

Step 1: To Create Tournament Log into your PLAYINGA account.

Step 2: In the top of your profile page you can find tabs such as Tournaments, Matches and Teams. Hover your pointer over the Tournaments tab and from the drop-down menu that appears, tap the Create tournament button.

Create Tournament Dropdown

A box titled Create Tournament appears which requires you to fill in the tournament name & sport. Enter these values and click on Create Tournament.

Create Tournament Step 1

Step 3: You shall be navigated to the Tournament Info page where you can capture the details of the tournament. Capture the description of the tournament, update organizer’s contact information so that participants can contact the organizer if required, fill in the social media handles of your organization, enter significant tournament dates from the calendar including the last date for the applicant registration, the start and end dates of the tournament, venue. Choose the divisions which are applicable to your tournament such as Singles, Doubles & Mixed Doubles. For each stream, capture the number of participants expected, participation charges and discounts if applicable. Please refer to our Payment Information page to know more about payment set up, charges and settlements.

Optionally you could customize the look and feel of your tournament page by branding your tournament with specific colors.

Tournament Info

Note: You could also specify your branding preferences, upload a tournament logo and provide a description of your tournament later at any point in time once you create your tournament.

After entering all the tournament specific details, click on Save Tournament button. The tournament is saved as a draft. The tournament will be visible to all players only on Activation.

Next Steps:

  • Capture Payment Information
  • Activate Tournament