Who is a Player?

Every sports enthusiast is a player. Every logged in user in PLAYINGA is a Player.

Who is a Friend?

A friend in PLAYINGA is a known person to a player. You can have many players whom you know. You can connect with them as Friends.

Who is a Fan?

Fans in PLAYINGA are your followers. Fans are those people who admire your performance and would like to receive updates on each of your accomplishment.

What is a Team?

A group of players can form a team. Teams are relevant for sports which involve a group such as Soccer, Volleyball etc.

Who is a Captain?

A captain is a player who represents the team.

Who is a Vice Captain?

A vice-captain is a player who assists the captain.

What is an Open Challenge?

Any player can create an Open Challenge. An open challenge is a match where a player can challenge any other player for a match. The opponent for that match is left open. Once an open challenge is created, the player’s friends can see the challenge and can choose to accept the challenge.

What is a Match?

A match is a sporting competition between players or teams where the venue is chosen, a match is scheduled and played; and finally, scores are tracked and published.

What is a Tournament?

A tournament is a series of matches played with multiple players. A match is two dimensional where we only have two players or teams playing against each other. A tournament is multi-dimensional where we have multiple players or teams competing against each other for the same winner’s cup.

Who is an Organizer?

An organizer is the player who organizes matches/tournaments, schedules fixtures, decides the time and venue of the match. In an Open challenge, the player who initiates the open challenge match is the organizer. In a match against a known opponent, the player who schedules the match is the organizer. In a tournament, the player who finalizes participants generates fixtures is an Organizer. Only an organizer has the permissions to enter and publish match and tournament results.

What is a Fixture?

A fixture captures the details of a match event. It contains details such as player, opponent, date & time and venue of the match. It’s more like a timetable which lists a series of matches in a tournament.

What are Standings?

Standing are relative rankings in a tournament. Standings denote the place in the tournament based on the number of matches won in the tournament.