Set Up Payment Collection For Tournaments

This document will help you understand the payments for tournaments in PLAYINGA. Processing payments in PLAYINGA is a 3 stage process.


Tournament Organizer has created a Tournament in PLAYINGA and has access to the Tournament Info Page.

Tournament Info Page Header


STAGE 1: Capture Organizer’s Bank Information For Payment Processing

In this stage, the organizer maintains the bank account information on the Tournament Info page. The information is stored securely and is not visible to Tournament participants and visitors. The information maintained on this page is used to remit the payments received online as registration fees.

Step 1: As an organizer, navigate to the Tournament Info page.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Divisions section. If you are creating a paid tournament, ensure that the Collect Payment toggle is set to Yes. Enter the registration fee in the Amount field and choose a currency. If you are providing discounts for early bird registrations, choose the right condition in the Early Bird Discount field.  You can provide early bird discounts by date or by the number of registrations. Choosing “Based on Date” will help you to offer a discount till a particular date and choosing “No. of participants” will help you to offer a discount for first N number of participants. Capture this condition and discount amount. It is not mandatory to provide a discount for a tournament.

Setup fee for tournaments

Step 3: Capture the organizer’s bank account information in the Bank Details section. This section is visible only if Collect Payment toggle is set to YES. This section is critical. Kindly ensure you provide the correct bank account number, Bank Name, Account Holder’s name as mentioned in the bank records, Branch and IFSC Code. IFSC code is relevant only if you are transacting in INR. If you are using other currencies, you can enter IFSCNOTREQD. We shall be using these details to remit the collected fees to the organizer’s bank account.

Collect payment info


STAGE 2: User Payments Through Registrations

In this stage, each participant makes payment to participate in the tournament. The participant is charged for a tournament, the moment he/she applies for the tournament. The player is navigated through a secured payment gateway through which the participants can make payments.

Payments for tournaments

STAGE 3: Settlements To Tournament Organizers

All payments made will be consolidated and remitted to the tournament organizer within 5 business days from the date of finalizing participants by the organizer.

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