Manage Players, Assign Roles & Jersey Numbers

By default every Player enrolled within a team is assigned the Player’s role and the player who creates the team is assigned the Captain’s role with the ability to accept/reject participation in matches on behalf of the team and set jersey number. The Captain of the team can modify the Jersey Number of players, assign Player roles and retire players of his/her team. Apart from Captain, the other player roles Playinga currently supports are of Vice-Captain, Player and Retired Player.

In order to modify your preferences for a player in your team, the steps are below:

Step 1: Navigate to the specific Team Page by clicking on the Teams tab in the top of your profile page and clicking on the team of interest (or) by clicking on the Teams sub-tab in the top middle of your profile page and clicking on the specific team from the list of teams.

Step 2: Click the Players sub-tab in the top middle of your team page. The list of players in the team appear.
Note: The player list includes players who are already part of the team as well as those whose invites to join the team await acceptance. You can assign roles to only those players who have accepted the invite to join the team and hence are part of the team.

Step 3: Hover on the profile representation of the player for whom you intend to set new preferences. The thumbnail of the player profile gets highlighted. Now, in the top right corner of the thumbnail click the Edit icon having a small pencil notation.

Assigning Roles to Players

Step 3: A small pop-up appears, that allows you to change the jersey number and/or edit the role assigned to the player. Enter a new jersey number in the field provided and/ or from the drop-down list that appears, select a new role to change the default role assigned to the player.

Player Profile Information

Step 4: Click the OK button to freeze the changes you made.


There can only be ONE Captain and ONE Vice-captain for a team in PLAYINGA.

Currently, the role of Vice-Captain within PLAYINGA is only for informational purpose and does not include any functionality within the product.

Currently, the role of Captain cannot be transferred to other players within the team. The functionality for the same can be expected in the upcoming releases.

No two players within a team can have the same Jersey Number.