Inviting Players to a Team

Once you create a team on PLAYINGA, you could add players to it directly by sending invites (invite players) to join the team as well as accept enrollments from players who wish to join your team.

To add players to your team by sending invites, the steps are below

Step 1: Navigate to your team’s page by clicking on the Teams tab in the top of your profile page and clicking on the team of interest (or) by clicking on the Teams sub-tab in the top middle of your profile page and clicking on the specific team from the list of teams.

Note: You should be the team admin/captain to invite players.

Step 2: In your team page, click on the Players sub-tab that appears in the top middle of the team page. If you have already added players to your team during team creation, the list of players already present in your team appear.

Step 3: Tap the Invite Player to Team button to add a new player to your team

.Inviting Player to Team

Step 4: In the next popup that appears, you can invite players to join your team. A list of your friends appears, from which could choose one or more members of your team. Click the Invite button next to the thumbnail of the Player profile to send individual invites to each of your friends.

Invite Player Pop-up

Note: To invite a player to your team, the player must be your friend on PLAYINGA. To add a player who is not your friend to your team, add the player as a friend by sending him/her a friend invite. Once the player becomes your friend on PLAYINGA by accepting your friend invite, you can add him/her to your team.

Team Join Invitation Sent

Each player gets added to your team once he/she accepts your invite and the player name appears on Players page of the Team.

To revoke an invitation sent to players:

Once you send invites you also choose to Revoke Invitation so that those invitations are no longer valid.

To revoke an invitation that has been sent to a player, the steps are below

Step 1: Go to the Players page of the team by clicking on the Players sub-tab that appears in the top middle of the profile page. A list of player profiles in the team appear. The profiles who have been invited and that await acceptance from the players appear grayed. 

Step 2: Click the Revoke Invitation button against the grayed profile of the player to revoke an invitation you sent to the player.

Note: When revoke invitation is selected, the invite notification that has been sent to the player gets deleted.