Accepting Enrollment to Teams

Teams on PLAYINGA are searchable and hence any player can apply to enrol in your team(enrol teams). Apart from selecting players among your friends and adding them to your team, accepting enrollments from players is one other way to add players to your team.

You can decide on enrollments by the following ways

Decide on Enrollments from Notifications:

For every application to Join a team of yours, you will receive a notification.
You can decide to Accept or Reject the Player from the Notification directly by clicking the Accept button or the Reject button.

Team Join Request

Decide on Enrollments from Players Tab:

Step 1: Navigate to the Team Page by clicking on the Teams tab in the top of your profile page and clicking on the team of interest (or) by clicking on the Teams sub-tab in the top middle of your profile page and clicking on the specific team from the list of teams.

Step 2: Click on the Players sub-tab in the top middle of the team page. A list of players appears, which includes those who wish to enrol in your team along with Accept and Reject buttons.

Note: You could click on the player name in the thumbnail representation to know more about the player before accepting the enrollment request.

Player Join Application View 

Step 3: Click the Accept button if you wish to include the player in your team.

Once you click the Accept button, the player becomes a new member of your team with his/her preferred jersey number. As a team captain, you may change the jersey number of the player and assign roles to your new team member. You could also retire any player by choice after enrolling him/her in your team.

Resolving Conflicting Jersey Numbers in Players:

In any team, no two players can have the same Jersey Number. Thus while enrolling a new team player if the preferred jersey number of the new player conflicts with that of an existing player in the team, as the admin/ captain you will receive the following Conflicting Jersey Number pop-up. To resolve the conflict, the steps are below

Conflict Jersey Number

Step 1: Choose an alternate available Jersey Number for one of the two players and enter it in the respective highlighted field.

Step 2: Click the Save & Continue button to save the changes made.